A Little Bit About Deb

I’m a full-time voice actor, providing voiceovers for local and national retail, restaurant, healthcare, life insurance, financial services, and automotive, political, educational, broadcast, and online clients.  My SourceConnect Standard pro home studio brings them in, but I’d like to think that my extensive voiceover training and my time in the acting arts are what bring them back.

Characterizations and accents come naturally with a theatre background and a checkered past. Well, not too checkered - we just moved around a lot growing up, starting in Buffalo, NY and including Chicago, Texas (all over the great state), Oklahoma, and Los Angeles. That’s a lot of American Dialects. And, a lot of characters...trust me. Maybe Jane Lynch, Sigourney Weaver, and Allison Janney have similar backgrounds? I don’t have a clue, but I sure get compared to them a lot. Animation and video games make good use of my skills, too.

My healthcare, corporate and pharmaceutical clients like my voice and delivery’s warmth and authoritative nature. A voice you can trust is at once caring and compassionate, yet strong and knowledgeable. Honest yet decisive. (Political clients seem to like that too.)

“Comfortable,” in voiceover speak, also means “conversational and real,” which I can do ’til the cows come home. Oh, btw, did I mention I voiced several of the CA Real Cheese Happy Cows? Yep. And for that campaign, I got paid a lot of cheese. To hear just how real a voiceover can get, check out my demos on my homepage. They are right there, keeping company with some of the best company a girl can keep.